Privacy Policy

AtoZ Writers follows strictly the privacy rule when it comes to security and copy write issues of our clients regarding the data and information. The service we provide to our clients, for that we keep the privacy statements of AtoZ Writers. The privacy statement has the terms and the code of conduction, how the website will be used in an easy and secure manner for all our clients.

Important Information

There are usually two types of information been collected i.e.

  • Personally Identifiable Information
  • Non-personal Identifiable

Personally, Identifiable Information is the sort of information which gives us your identification, the way to collect it is when to sign up or register on our site in another case when you participate in our survey or contest which gives us interaction channel with you. The details of this type of information are:

  • Your name /Identity, mailing address/shipping address, Credit card details, contact number information.
  • Provide us with your demographics and information regarding your age, gender, shopping interest preferences etc. when you register for the contest.

A non-personal Identifiable piece of information is gathered when you access our web page it includes the IP address, operating system browser that you use, ISP and in the last the third party visits.

How Do We Utilize Your Information

PII and Non-PII help us to use our website in a better manner and provide great service to our clients based on your requests. If you are responding to our queries and surveys, help us the draft your needs and demands, or any other related need based on circumstances.

We tend to pass our PII AND Non-PII

  • To the third party servicing company.
  • Our parent companies, subsidiaries ort our silent partners
  • Our promotional partners and marketing partners etc.


The policies and the terms of services are not for the children under the age of 15 under this age people are advised to not sign up. Whereas the other kids over the age of 18 are advised to take the parental help and guidance.

AtoZ writers holds all the rights and reservation terms regarding changing that we can make at any point in time in privacy policies; if necessary. The notifications of the changes will be provided on the site once the changes are made.